Volunteer telephone support service

Dial-A-Mum Inc.

Some common questions asked of Dial-A-Mum

Who calls Dial-A-Mum?
Anyone who needs someone to talk to.
Can I call if I'm just lonely and feel like a chat?
Is this service only available for new Mums?
No, we are here for everyone of all ages.
What are the types of things I can talk about?
Any issues that are causing you concern - we are here for you on any subject - relationship difficulties, conflict with friends/family/children, work, even if you are feeling lonely, worried, anxious or unsure of something. Dial-A-Mum is here for you.
Do you refer callers?
No, we cannot refer you to individual specialists, doctors or counsellors but we do have a well researched list of agencies that may benefit you.

If I call, do I have to tell you my name, who I am or where I live?

We do not ask you details about who you are or where you're living etc. We are a confidential line so any information shared is kept between you and the Mum.
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Postal address: P.O. Box 419, Lindfield, NSW 2070

Call a Mum on: ( 02) 9477 6777

Times of operation:
8am - 11pm    7 Days