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The Dial a Mum telephone support service mobilises and utilises the interpersonal skills and experiences of volunteer mothers, from their own homes, as callers are confidentially and anonymously transferred to their home telephones. Callers come from a diverse range of age groups, cultural backgrounds and gender, and cover an equally diverse range of issues and concerns. We are the ‘mum’ for the community – offering non-judgemental, caring, empathetic support for those who may feel isolated, lonely, stressed or anxious, or just need someone to bounce ideas off and talk things through. We listen.

Dial a Mum Inc. provide new volunteer mums with initial training in communication and listening skills, and complement this training with ongoing educational workshops facilitated by expert presenters in their fields. All volunteer mums have access to the mentoring program, ongoing peer support and regular debrief sessions, with self-care being a top priority. Our mums receive all the benefits that come with volunteering, and make a difference to the community through giving their time.


Our vision is for a society where there is always someone who will listen without judgement.


Our mission is to listen to and support members of the community when they are troubled or lonely by providing a caring and non-judgmental telephone helpline.