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Call a Mum on (02) 9477 6777

9am – 10pm (Except on Monday)

Some feedback from our callers…

I don’t have a mother to call. Another mum understands, is empathic. You can have a laugh with them when you ring up in tears. It’s like extended family almost.

It’s nice to talk, to be heard, to be validated. 

For me it’s prevention. I need to get it off my chest. It’s my link to the outside world, keeps me sane. It’s important they are other mums. Have all had that experience. DAM has been my lifeline. I’ve built up a relationship and rapport with the mums and vice versa.

People I can trust and feel comfortable to talk to, that aren’t part of my family. I like this service.

What I really like is talking to people who aren’t psychologists or psychiatrists. They are not looking for a problem. What you get is love and caring. Not just a listening ear but a caring ear. It’s a very all round service. You’re getting people with life experience and getting people who confirm what you’ve experienced.

I feel like I’m talking to regular people, nice people, kind people. You don’t come across like counsellors or other professionals who are always trying to analyse the problem. The fact that you listen, really listen, is helpful. It makes you feel you’re not some kind of kook who can’t handle your problems. You really listen.

It’s been my lifeline. It makes me get through things a lot stronger. I know I can get through my problems by seeking help.

You are the mothers I don’t have. I can talk to you like my mum. I can tell you have love, compassion, empathy, trust.